profileI moved to Warburton in 1983 and except for three brief moves to Melbourne for work reasons I have lived here since.

It seems that many people leave the Valley and many people return, drawn by it’s magnetic environment.

I have been assisting people and business with computers since 1995 but have only recently decided to focus on providing computer services commercially to the Yarra Valley.

The inspiration to operate locally is largely due to wanting to be closer to my children but also the satisfaction of helping and guiding those who live in the community.

Technology permeates our lives in so many ways it seems essential that we maintain some connection to nature which is why the Yarra Valley is a wonderful environment to promote learning and sharing knowledge.

As a father of two girls aged four and six I believe it is a wonderful place to raise children.

Though there is diversity in religion, culture and political persuasion the community seems bound by the same desire to flourish economically and environmentally.

I invite anyone to contribute to this site as a site for learning and sharing knowledge, computer related.

And I look forward to servicing you and the community

Judd Zekas

Judd Zekas is a Software Engineer with 10 years extensive commercial experience in Government & Industry based projects.

Development of educational products, including award winning websites
Multimedia CDROMS
Content Management Systems
Client Relationship Management Systems
Intranet Development
Realestate Property Management systems.
Enterprise Management systems.

His knowledge and experience has inspired the confidence of companies such as;
Ansell International,Multiplex, Carter Holt & Harvey, Mobil, Curriculum Corporation, Melbourne Water, Melbourne City Council, and The Professionals Realestate Group.