Email Marketing

Email Marketing

People ask me, “how can I send emails that look like full color brochures or fliers?”. The solution to this involves understanding Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

All webpages are written in HTML and most email client programs like outlook can display HTML exactly like a web browser. Most email programs allow you to send emails as HTML. The important part here is that the images inside an HTML email must refer to images stored on a website or some webspace since you never actually send the images in the email. Only the links to them are sent in the HTML.

If you have a basic understanding of HTML and can upload images to some website you should be able to manage sending an email in HTML that links to these images.

The only other challenge then, is coming up with a nice design for you email flier / brochure.

Kate Lennard came to me with the request to send an HTML flier exactly like this. Once you have the know how with HTML you can start looking into Email stationary for your business.

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