Welcome to the site. This site endeavors to be an online resource & forum for those that need assistance with computers in the home or in business.

A little about me… My name is Judd and I have been residing in the Yarra Valley [link to gmaps] , specifically Warburton, for 25 years; almost a local. I have been working commercially as a Software Developer for 8 years participating in government and industry based projects.

For those that do not realise, Information Technology is a broad areana where specialised skills are diverse and the people are many, however, there are still many people that don’t have basic computer skills and feel intimidated by the prospect of learning.

Global Internet usage grows rapidly and software and technology changes just as rapidly. As electronic devices permeate our lifes so does our dependence on computers to manage them.

Devices manage us; computers manage devices; we manage computers.

So how do we properly and effectively manage our computers?

The challenge of this site will be to answer this question…

Judd Zekas

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