Windows XP,2000 Lost or Forgotten Passwords

Scenario: You have a PC or laptop that you haven’t used for sometime. Or a friend hands you their computer. You realise that you don’t know the password and the password hint doesn’t help.

What next?

Apparently, if you restart your machine and hit F8 when booting and select start windows in safe mode, you can login as the Administrator user and no password is required. Lo and Behold you can change your password.

Hmm, Doesn’t work?

Windows has a local user policy setting where if a user enters an incorrect password three times the user account is locked and guess what? You probably tried to login as administrator more than three times in the process of trying to remember that administrator password, 🙂 , and locked the account.

In which case you will not be able to login in safe mode.


Find an Ultimate Boot CD that has an account unlocking tool and password reset. Hey presto! your in!

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